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Every once in a while there comes a breakthrough moment— a new perspective, an innovation, a discovery that marks a completely new way of looking at things. 

​That day has come in how we choose to support the health of our heart, veins and arteries. 

Throughout a healthy cardiovascular system, a microscopically thin gel-like barrier lines the walls of every artery, vein and capillary. It even lines the wall of the heart itself. This protective barrier is called the glycocalyx, (pronouced gly-co-kay-lix) and it is our blood vessels’ first line of defense against the collection of plaque, fats, and cholesterol.
The glycocalyx is nothing new. We look through it every day as it coats our eyes, protecting them and keeping them moist, slick and smooth.

The role of the glycocalyx in our vascular system, however, has only been recently discovered. What’s most astounding is it functions just as it does on our eyes—it protects them, keeping them slick and smooth. Why is this slick protection important? In our bloodstream move many substances. Most are good, delivering oxygen, energy and antibodies to our bodies. There are others, however, that can injure the blood vessels. Cholesterol, fats, and oxidants are the most commonly known. A fit glycocalyx serves as the barrier to these destructive compounds, while an unfit glycocalyx is less able to perform its protective function. 

​Like in our eyes, a healthy glycocalyx is in a constant state of refreshing and renewing. But as we age and as poor diet and sedentary habits take its toll on our bodies, the glycocalyx begins to slow its regeneration cycle. It can gradually become weak and thin, leaving the artery walls vulnerable. This is when cholesterol may begin to collect, eventually penetrating the artery wall, causing inflammation and disease.

So, how can we support a fit glycocalyx?

The answer is nothing new; “Don’t smoke, eat right, and get plenty of exercise.” What is new is that we know that fats, sugars, and smoking are the worst enemies of the glycocalyx itself. And, with that new understanding, we know that when we give the glycocalyx the building blocks it needs to continually renew itself, we help it be able to perform its vital protective functions.

Arterosil is the world's first and only dietary supplement specifically formulated to deliver the essential nutrients your glycocalyx needs. It’s a proprietary blend of seaweed powder combined with 22 fruit and vegetable extracts. Taken daily, Arterosil provides the building blocks necessary for continual glycocalyx regeneration. 

​Our devoted customers have discovered their glycocalyx and it's role in protecting their entire cardiovascular system. They understand that simple lifestyle choices can support the health of their glycocalyx. And they choose to take Arterosil every day.